Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Locate your local PurpleStride and click “Register.” Select whether you're signing up to participate as an individual, joining an existing team or creating your own team. You’ll then be taken to an online registration form that asks you to set up an online account with a unique login.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll also receive your own My Strider Central webpage. You can use this webpage to collect donations, send emails to your friends and family and track your progress toward your fundraising goal. If you’re a team captain, you will also set up a page for your team. To boost your donations, customize your page with a photo or video, and be sure to include your story. It will motivate friends and family to donate.

Fundraising is easy! The first step is to find an event near you and register. Once you are registered, log in to My Strider Central and read the steps to get started on your Dashboard. Also check out our fundraising tips.

Yes, registration is required for all participants, whether you’re walking, running or volunteering.

When you donate, you make a financial contribution to PurpleStride through the fundraising pages of individual participants, teams or to the event as a general donation. Donating doesn’t sign you up to participate on event day. And as a donor, you won’t receive login information or access to an online fundraising page. Donate to a PurpleStride participant, team or event.

When you register, you sign up to participate in PurpleStride on event day, and you can raise money for the cause. When you register, you’ll also receive login information and access to My Strider Central— an online participant center where you can manage your personal fundraising page, send fundraising emails and more. Register for a PurpleStride event near you.

Yes, you can! When the registration form asks if you are a new or returning user, enter your past login information in the "Returning User" section.

If you don’t remember your username or password, we’ve made it easy to recover it. Simply click on the “Email me my login information” link at the bottom of that section and enter the email address you used to register in previous years.

Yes, please register each person planning to participate, including children. If possible, use a unique email address for each member of your family, as each person will receive individual login information and a fundraising page.

Yes, but we strongly encourage you to register online so that you can avoid long lines on event day!

If you’d like to change your registration type, please contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226. We can make these changes for you until the online registration deadline.

This error usually happens because you are trying to register new participants while you’re currently logged into the site. If you see your name at the top of the website (above the “More Info” button), click “Logout.” You should then be able to register your friends and family using their email address(es).

If you continue to get a message that you're already registered, your computer has likely saved your login information and is automatically logging you back in. Try deleting the history, cookies and offline content in your internet browser. Then close your browser program down entirely and re-open.

You may also contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226 and they would be happy to help you register your friends and family.

From the event's main page, select "Log In" at the top of the page. Then, scroll down to "Forgot Your Username or Password?" and enter the email address you used to register. Your username and password will be sent to the email address you used to register.

If you don't receive your password reset email, please contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226.

Starting/Joining a Team

Click on the "Register" button on your PurpleStride website. Then, select the option that says, "Create a New Team." From here you can create an account if you have not participated in a PurpleStride event before or log in if you have participated in past events. Follow the registration process to register yourself and create your team.

Click on the “Register” button on your PurpleStride website. Then, select the option that says, "Join or Bring Back a Team." Next, log in using the same email address you used to participate in past events. Follow the registration process to register yourself and bring back your team.

Please contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226, and we can help you set up your team.

Yes, you can. Please contact Customer Service for support at or 877-272-6226 and they can help you get added to the team you want to be a member of. You can also change your registration details in My Strider Central.


Your fundraising page allows you to upload a photo and story to explain to friends and family why you are supporting the fight against pancreatic cancer. You can also see who's donated and send thank you emails.

Yes and yes! You can upload images in .gif, .jpg or .png format, and you can also embed a YouTube video. Image files must be smaller than 6 megapixels or 150KB. Need more help? Contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226.

Anyone can see who has donated publicly to you by visiting your personal page. Some donors may have selected to be anonymous and their names will not be shown on your personal page. To see all your donors and thank them, log in to My Strider Central. Select Log In at the top of the event page and log in with your username and password. Then, select your event. Once you enter My Strider Central, check out the "Your Fundraising Progress" bar to view a list of all your donations to date.

If donors choose to donate anonymously, their name and the amount of their contribution will remain anonymous to the public. However, you can view their information by logging in to My Strider Central and reviewing your donors. If they make their donation anonymously, they will still be acknowledged for their donation via email, and you’ll still get credit for their donation.

A donor can choose whether to make their donation toward a team or a specific person on a team. Donations made to all personal pages will automatically go toward the overall team goal, but general team donations will not reflect on any team member’s personal pages.

If the donor intended for a donation to be attributed to a specific person, but made a general team donation by mistake, please have them contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226 and they can help reattribute the donation.

Sending emails is quick and easy, and helps you raise about twice as much as people who don’t send emails from My Strider Central! Once you log in to My Strider Central, select the “Email” tab. Then, follow the instructions to send emails to family and friends asking for their support. We’ve created easy to use email templates to get you started.

The easiest way to take your PurpleStride fundraising social is by connecting your personal fundraising page to a Facebook fundraiser. You must start this in My Strider Central. Once logged in, click “Connect with Facebook” on the right side of the screen and follow the prompts to connect your PurpleStride fundraising page to a Facebook fundraiser.



A Facebook Fundraiser is a feature that allows you to share your story and collect donations directly through Facebook. Donations show up in real-time, and your fundraising total is reflected in both the Facebook Fundraiser and your participant page on My Strider Central.

Yes, Facebook Fundraiser is available for all PurpleStride events.

  • Fundraising on Facebook easily broadens your outreach — raising on average 5 TIMES as much than those who don’t use Facebook fundraising.
  • Reach those who care: You can easily invite your friends to donate to your Facebook Fundraiser.
  • Find new supporters: Your friends are also encouraged to invite and share with their friends, which means you may receive gifts from people you don’t even know who were moved by your story.
  • Collect donations easily: Your friends can donate without ever leaving Facebook. 100% of all donations will go toward your PurpleStride fundraising goal.

No, other Facebook Fundraisers, including birthday fundraisers, cannot be linked to PurpleStride. You must visit My Strider Central first to create a new Facebook Fundraiser for PurpleStride.

Donations made to a Facebook Fundraiser that was not created through My Strider Central will not go toward your PurpleStride fundraising goal. We recommend that you have one Facebook Fundraiser open at a time to avoid any confusion.

Unlike a basic link share, Facebook Fundraiser posts are rich and dynamic posts that motivate more friends to donate quickly. Posts through a Facebook Fundraiser include an image, story, thermometer, donate button and more.

First, you need to be registered for PurpleStride. Then, log in to My Strider Central and click "Connect with Facebook."

No, Facebook Fundraiser can be used by individual participants only. Teams cannot create a team-specific PurpleStride Facebook Fundraiser.

The following information from your personal page in My Strider Central will carry over to Facebook:

  • Personal story
  • Fundraising goal (donations made both on Facebook and through your My Strider Central personal fundraising page are updated in real-time)

You’ll have the option to edit your personal story and/or your fundraising goal on My Strider Central and Facebook, but it will not sync across the two.

Your personal page photo will not carry over into your Facebook Fundraiser automatically, but just like a Facebook event, you will have the option to upload a new photo on Facebook.

No. Once you’ve created your Facebook Fundraiser, updates to your story or fundraising goal on your personal page will not be reflected on your Facebook Fundraiser.

You can change your cover photo or description on Facebook. From your Facebook Fundraiser, click "...More" under the invite button, then click "Edit Fundraiser." Changes that you make to your cover photo or description on Facebook will not be reflected on your personal page.

Yes, anyone can see it. However, only people with Facebook accounts can donate to your Facebook Fundraiser.

Facebook provides tools to share your fundraiser with your friends, right on the fundraising page. You can invite your friends to the page, post on your fundraiser page to give updates and show appreciation, share on your News Feed and share via Messenger.

Yes, the minimum donation amount is $5. However, we encourage people to donate as much as they want!

Yes, all donations will sync, meaning donations received either on Facebook or through your personal fundraising page on My Strider Central will be included in each progress thermometer.

Because of privacy rules the donor could have on their Facebook account (e.g., Friends only or friends of friends), all donors display on the personal page as "Facebook Fundraiser." Due to privacy concerns, the donor must contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226 if they would like to update their public display name on the honor roll.

When someone donates through a Facebook Fundraiser, a payment receipt is sent to the primary email listed on the donor's Facebook account. This payment receipt includes the organization's tax ID number and confirms that the person has made a charitable donation and that they're not receiving any goods or services in return.

You can use Facebook Fundraiser until 90 days after your PurpleStride event.

From your Facebook Fundraiser, click the "...More" icon, then select "End Fundraiser."


All Facebook Fundraiser donors receive an email from Facebook on behalf of the organization. If you also elected to receive email from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network at the time of your donation, you will receive an email receipt directly from us as well.

Because of privacy rules set on Facebook (e.g., Friends only or friends of friends), all donors display on personal PurpleStride pages as "Facebook Fundraiser." You must contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226 if you would like to update the name on the honor roll to show your name.

You can find your donation and print a receipt under "Payment History" on your Facebook account or by visiting You can also contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226 to get a receipt of your donation.

You can contact Facebook by visiting You may also contact Customer Service at or 877-272-6226.

Fundraising on the PurpleStride App

  • Go to Facebook from your computer.
  • In the search bar of your Facebook page, type PurpleStride. The app should come up.
  • Log in using the username and password you set up when you registered for PurpleStride.
  • Click the images in the “Cover and Profile Picture” section in the bottom left corner to make the PurpleStride image your profile image and cover photo.
  • In the “Ask Your Friends to Support You” section, select a message to post on Facebook.
  • When you first log in to the app, a window will appear offering to set up scheduled posts. Check the messages you would like to appear in your News Feed on a regular basis and click "Save."
  • To set up scheduled posts at a later time or edit your currently scheduled posts, click the “Schedule posts now!” link and check which messages you would like to appear in the News Feed on a regular basis.

  • Search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for the PurpleStride app.
  • Install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • To get started, find the PurpleStride app icon on your smartphone and tap to open.
  • Log in using the username and password you set up when you registered for PurpleStride.
  • Tap "Get Donations" to access your donation request options. Tap any of the available messages to post to Facebook or Twitter, send a text message or email friends. Please note: You must have each of the corresponding apps installed (Facebook, email, etc.) in order to use this function.
  • Tap “Enter a Donation” to make a self-donation or collect donations from friends on the spot!

You can use the same app to fundraise for all of your PurpleStride events, as long as your user name and password are the same. (If you have multiple logins, please contact to merge your accounts.) Simply select the Facebook or Mobile App link in My Strider Central.

In the Facebook app, click the arrow next to the name of your PurpleStride event and a drop down list will display that allows you to toggle between each of your PurpleStride events. This allows you to easily send posts to the News Feed to friends for all of the events you are participating in this year.

In the Mobile App, select the "arrow out" icon from the bottom menu page to toggle between events. When you are in the app, there can only be one PurpleStride selected at a time, but that PurpleStride event can be changed at any time. When you change the PurpleStride event, new posts and messages will reflect the current PurpleStride selected while previous posts will show up with the PurpleStride event that was selected at the time the post was made. Any scheduled News Feed posts that you have opted-into will be based on the event selected at the time you scheduled the posts.

Yes, you can simply go to the "PurpleStride App Information" page in the sidebar of your PurpleStride Event Website. From there, click the Facebook application link to re-add it to Facebook, or click the Apple Store or Google Play Store button to go to the app store and re-install the app to your mobile device. (Review above for installation and “getting started” help)

Yes, to remove the app, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Facebook.
  • In the left-hand column of your Facebook Home Page, under “Apps,” hover your cursor over "PurpleStride." Click on the gear icon that appears next to it.
  • Select "Remove App."
  • Confirm that you want to remove the application by selecting “Remove” on the pop-up screen.
  • Keep in mind: if you are planning to participate in PurpleStride next year, you can use the same app so no need to remove the app each year.

The app gets updated every few hours. Depending on when the donation came through, it may not be reflected yet. If you would like it to update immediately, you can click on the refresh link on the app and it will update the information in 2-3 minutes.


Yes! Click the “Donate” button, then type in the first or last name of the participant exactly how it’s spelled, or search by team name.

Once you submit your donation, you’ll receive an email within 30 minutes confirming your transaction. Please allow 24 hours for online donations to be processed and reflected on the participant's website. Donations are tax-deductible. Our 501(c)(3) (tax ID) number is 33-0841281.

Sure! To donate by phone, call 877-272-6226. If you prefer to send a check by mail, download, complete and mail this donation form. Please indicate the name of the event you’re donating to, as well as the name of the team or individual, if applicable. When donating by mail, there may be a delay of a few weeks before the donation is reflected on the personal or team page to which you donated. This is due to mailing time as well as gift processing time.

PanCAN’s Patient Services program provides local patients and families with free information about treatment options, clinical trials and more. In addition, we are conducting outreach to inform local medical professionals and researchers about the latest pancreatic cancer breakthroughs and provide funding opportunities for pancreatic cancer research. Finally, we work with local government representatives to ensure continued and increased federal research funding for pancreatic cancer.

Event Day

Yes you can! Most PurpleStride events host a pre-event day packet pick-up. We'll post more information in the Event Day Details section of the PurpleStride website as it becomes available.

Yes! If your PurpleStride hosts a packet pick-up, you can register there. We’ll post more information in the Event Day Details section of the PurpleStride website as it becomes available.

PurpleStride is a rain-or-shine event. If severe weather is anticipated, please check the event website for last-minute updates. If the event is canceled due to dangerous weather, we’ll send an email on the morning of the event to all pre-registered participants.

Yes! Strollers are welcome at PurpleStride.

We love animals just as much as you do, but for safety and liability reasons, pets are not allowed at PurpleStride events.

Unfortunately, shirts will not be shipped for PurpleStride. Most PurpleStride events host a pre-event day packet pick-up where you may pick-up your team's shirts. You will also be able to pick up your shirt on event day.