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Bobbi's Million Dollar Mission

Dear Friends -

Thank you so much for helping me reach my goal to raise $1 million to fight pancreatic cancer! I have proudly raised $42,064 to date. I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer when I was only 19, and my whole world crumbled. I watched him suffer from this horrible disease and knew that I didn’t want anyone else to go through what he went through.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest five-year survival rate of any major cancer, at only 9 percent.  Pancreatic cancer recently moved from the fourth to the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States, and it is anticipated to become the second around 2020.

Let’s raise money NOW to double survival for this deadly disease by 2020 and not let another person lose someone they love.

I love you all!


My Top Supporters

Archetype Media Inc. - $9,058.22

L.B. - $5,000.00

Bobbi B. - $4,220.04

Social Vibe, Inc. - $3,217.67

The Bernheim Law Firm - $3,000.00

Ib L. - $1,000.00

Jairus P. - $1,000.00

Terrence W. - $675.00

Keith R. - $644.61

Arnold O. - $600.00

Bill F. - $505.00

Anthony G. - $500.00

Thomas W. - $500.00

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