Purple With a Passion Captain: Sue Clements

The Week of PurpleStride Alabama 2020 will mark 9 years since I received the diagnosis of STAGE 3 PANCREATIC CANCER.

At that time in 2011, the survival rate for stage 3 was a devastating 3%. The overall rate was 5% and had been stuck at 5% for many years.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network set a goal to double that 5% rate by 2020.     Thanks to all of the money raised by PurpleStride Events, they reached their goal in January of this year. As great as that is, a 10% survival rate is still unacceptable so we need to continue to raise money.

Please join me in this effort by making a donation.

Thank You!

Sue Clements - Declared CANCER FREE 11/02/2017

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