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  • We Can Do This Together!

    We Can Do This Together!

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I participate in PurpleStride Portland because I am committed to ending pancreatic cancer. After nearly four years of volunteering with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN), I have gained irreplaceable friendships with other volunteers, survivors, caregivers, and the dedicated staff with the organization. 

I have also lost too many friends in this time to this disease.

An estimated 53,670 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year => That's 147 people every day who hear this news.  What they will hear is that:

Pancreatic Cancer has the lowest 5 year survival rate (9%) of the major cancers.

71% will die within the first year of diagnosis.

There is no early detection and treatment options are extremely limited.

But there is hope.  Your donations allow PanCAN to fund the most promising research and provide information about the disease, treatment options, and clinical trial searches to patients and families. This organization along with their army of volunteers across America are also a leading force in driving legislative support for increased federal research funding.

Please join me and Step Up, Stand Tall, and Act Boldly to rewrite the future where proven biomarkers are discovered for early detection, where effective and targeted treatment options are available, and where survivors enjoy the truest sense of that word.



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