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In memory of papa z

Help Allison raise $10,000.00

I'm raising money in honor of my dad, Steven Zalesny, who passed away in March of 2016.  I walk in memory of him and in support of every person affected by Pancreatic Cancer this year.

If I learned anything from my dad it was how important it is to help other people.  When my dad was diagnosed we knew pretty early on that there was nothing we could do for him.  With his blessing I signed up for PurpleStride 2016 and decided to wage hope for others.  

In the 4 years we've participated in PurpleStride our team has raised over $75,000This year, we want to hit $100,000 raised.  That makes our goal for 2020 $22,319.  It's a lofty goal but with support from the friends and family who loved my dad I know we can accomplish it.  

By making a donation to me, you are supporting efforts to double survival for this deadly disease by 2020.

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