Amy Jardon

  • Our team namesake,  Laura: wife, mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, volunteer

    Our team namesake, Laura: wife, mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, volunteer

Amy Jardon


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Welcome to My Personal Page

I'm raising money in support of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network --and in memory of my mother--by participating in PurpleStride.  By making a donation to our team, Lauras Loves, you are supporting efforts find more treatments, tests, and importantly HOPE for all diagnosed. 

I remember hearing Hollywood names that were silenced forever by pancreatic cancer.

I remember a coworker whose father succumbed within six months.

What drove it home for me is my mom's diagnosis.

I remember dad calling me at work and saying that mom had metastatic cancer, and they were working to find out what kind. Nerve wracking drive to my parents'/ hospital.

While waiting in the hospital for results, I was trying to get mom to eat. She was so fatigued and had no appetite (which is what finally signaled to the doctors that something serious was at play). She had been served some macaroni and cheese for dinner and wouldn't eat. I put some on a spoon and pretended it was an airplane. I got a smile and a small laugh from her. The laugh made her hurt. She took about six bites of airplane macaroni and said no more.

Then the doctor came in. What we were told by the compassionate doctor is that mom had "advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer".

I remember asking 'how long'.

The doctor said "Maybe two weeks. Maybe Christmas". He also said it had been there at least ten years, if not twenty. 

We planned one last Thanksgiving.

Mom succumbed to pancreatic cancer 13 days after she was diagnosed. December 2. First day of Advent that year. Three of us were by her bedside as I leaned down to her ear and told her to go, that we would be fine. 

Mom didn't shed weight. Mom didn't get jaundiced. 
Mom had soaring blood sugar numbers, and her waist was expanding due to fluid in her abdomen from ascites.  

We need to find a screening test.
We need to find more treatments.
We need doctors to look at more than a patient's known illnesses.
We need to DEMAND BETTER and WAGE HOPE for those who are diagnosed and survivors now, and those who don't yet know that they are survivors/not diagnosed.

Will you make a donation to my page of Team Laura's Loves?

By making a donation to our team, you are supporting efforts to double survival for this deadly disease. When mom was diagnosed, survival for five years was at 5% for quite some time (before that it was 4% for decades). Today, it's at 9%.  We want that percentage to continue to increase, to have more people with their families, longer. 

Please make a donation today and help me reach my individual goal, and our team goal.  

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