Cody Filbert

Cody Filbert


Raised: $1,275

Goal: $1,500

Why I participate in Purple Stride

Pancreatic cancer does not stop or slow down, and neither do we!

It was early 2008, I was preparing for one of the most recognized trips known as the “Santa Fe Trail” trip, when I found out about my stepdads diagnoses of Pancreatic Cancer. At the time, I didn’t have a clear understanding of what exactly “pancreatic” cancer was. As time progressed, and months went by, I quickly found out that it was a cancer that had no cure. I can recall the numerous of trips that my mother and stepdad had to make to Minnesota for doctor visits. 

In late 2009 and early 2010, my stepdad becoming more ill. He never gave up hope though. He continued to fight everyday! He continued to inspire my sisters and myself everyday. While he continued to fight each day for his life, he would attend weekly church meetings to become a member of the church. Watching him continue to maintain his faith in Christ, honestly has helped me grow closer in my personal life. 

My stepdad was my biggest support. He was there for me through thick and thin, pushed me through my scouting career and would always put others before himself. He loved serving others in anyway that he possibly could. 

On April 2nd, 2010, my world turned upside down. I was sitting in the waiting room, while my mother was in the hospital room when my stepdad. That rainy, “Good Friday” early morning I fell asleep and was awaken by my mother and the church chaplain to the news of my stepdad passing. I broke down. I felt as if I lost EVERYTHING. 

My sisters arrived with my mother’s family and we all surrounded our stepdad, grieving together. That very day, I made a promise to myself and my stepdad. I vowed to continue his fight until the day a cure is found and to never loose hope. To this very day, I have continued advocating, sharing his story, and spreading joy to others just like he did. 

I’m very excited to continue this fight in memory of my stepdad. He will forever have a special place in my heart! With your help, I can achieve my goal, continue to advocate and fight his fight. 

After loosing my step-dad, I thought that was going to be the end. The end of loosing loved ones and friends to pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Living in a small town, you become close with everyone, especially your neighbors. A few months after the passing of my step-dad, our neighbor was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Our community continued to rally together and show our love for this family. Within a few months of his diagnoses, he passed away. 

 Then about two years ago, a very close family that I consider family, had a loved one diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He was basically another grandparent to me. A year went by after receiving his diagnoses of pancreatic cancer, he passed away. It became clear to me, that my calling in life is to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer and help raise funds to help advance research. 

I believe that by participating in Purple Stride, I am able to make an impact, advocate and continue each of these amazing individuals memory. Your support goes a long ways and truly makes a large impact in numerous of families lives. 

Please make a gift of any size to get me one step closer to my fundraising goal and improving more patients’ lives. 

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