• Action is our middle name

    Action is our middle name

  • getting race-ready

    getting race-ready

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Thank you for viewing my PurpleStride page. My name is Bonnie Duffy and in 2013, my "honorary" little-sister, Alyson Goodwin, was diagnosed with the deadliest form of pancreatic cancer, when the 5-year survival rate was just 6%.

With "survival measured in months," she did live for 31 months after diagnosis, and she participated in clinical trials to help others, if she did not "find the magic bullet" for herself. We named our team Alyson's Legacy to honor her, when it is found. 

Alyson did see the 5-year survival rate increase to 9%, but that figure remains unchanged to this day! This is unacceptable. The number of new cases is increasing! Pancreatic cancer is now the 3rd deadliest of all cancers! Whether we must witness this disease through personal loved ones, or by watching the amazing Alex Trebek on television's favorite game show, this cancer is in our lives. It's in our homes. This must stop.

I ask you to take ACTION today to find an early diagnostic tool. You can donate or simply join our team and share your page to ask others to spread awareness, and help. Donations can be as little as just $5.

This is a war that must be won. Alyson's Legacy is our legacy, and WE must raise the survival rate to DOUBLE-DIGITS! Thank you for your time, and for your help. 

Now, "give me FIVE," and share.

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