• A happy, healthy Bob, 2013

    A happy, healthy Bob, 2013

My story...update 2018

As many of you know, I lost my husband Robert a little over 5 years ago to Pancreatic Cancer. My son lost his Dad who was such an important influence in his life when he was only 29.  It's hard to take in how devastating it is to lose a parent when you are so young.  

Our lives changed so unexpectedly and in such a shocking way when Bob was diagnosed with this terrible cancer back in 2014.  He was an active guy, and a huge asset to the companies he worked for.  He was somewhat of a workaholic, and always ready to meet unexpected needs that came up.  His weeks were long, and he traveled frequently all over the world.  He liked to work on our garden when he was home, and he loved to BBQ.  We enjoyed trips to the mountains, and sometimes were able to take the time to visit other places.  Our favorite was the Pacific Northwest Coast and Mendocino.  Bob always wanted to build a small wooden boat, but never had the time.  It was his hope to do so many things when he retired.  We were buying a beautiful house and living the life that he work so hard for us to have.  

It is easy for me to say that he was and still is the love of my life.  I miss him every minute of each day.  

It is with this in mind that I ask you to help me raise money to improve the survival rate and quality of life for those who get this terrible diagnosis.  Pancreatic Cancer currently has a survival rate of 10% over a period of 5 years.  However many, many people who are diagnosed are already in stage IV and survive only days or weeks to a few months after diagnosed.  Why?  Because this cancer is difficult to diagnose.  In Bob's case his symptoms were back aches.  Such a simple thing.  No one dies of a back ache right?  But this was the single symptom at the beginning.  His G.P. did a good job of trying to fix the back aches, never suspecting that there was a much more frightening thing going on inside Bob.

I will never forget getting his diagnosis.  His cancer was discovered through a Colonoscopy, something he had never had at the age of 58.  It was luck in a way, because for many patients it will never be discovered until they are days from death.  Or worse, it will never be known that Pancreatic Cancer was what they died of. 

Our mission is to change this.  If you see a loved one die a slow and painful death, you have strong feelings that you never want anyone to suffer through this.  That is how Brandon and I feel. I hope that you can help me to raise money to combat this terrible type of cancer.  We MUST find a way to increase the survival rate, and to give those living with Pancreatic Cancer HOPE!

Any amount helps, large or small.  During this difficult time this year I know that for many giving may be impossible.  I truly understand.  But when this virus is over and even during it, people continue to die from Pancreatic Cancer.  If you are able, I sincerely ask that you help.

Thank you all !

Anita & Brandon

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