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Here's the deal... we all know that cancer sucks. It's that simple. I'm raising money and awareness for this simple statement. I hope to accomplish both of these goals through fundrasing and running in the PurpleStride 5K. But I'm not stopping there. I pledge to pin a "CANCER SUCKS" pin (see photo) to myself for every donation that is made on my behalf. Even a $1 donation will get you a pin! I know that doesn't seem fair for those who would like to donate more, it is only logical - more donation should mean more pins? Right? I'm a scientist, I can't argue that logic. So every $10 gets a pin. Donate $20, I have to wear 2 pins. And the best part?! I get these pins from Choose Hope, an organization that sells cancer awareness products and donates the proceeds to research. They alone have already donated almost $1 million! My hope is that come race day, I will have to wear a ridiculous amount of pins.

This money will go to benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). There are a few reasons why PanCAN is an excellent organization to support, even if you have no personal connection with the disease. Pancreatic cancer has now made it's way to the 3rd most cancer deaths in the US, right behind colorectal (2nd) and lung (1st). What's more, thanks to the advances in genome sequencing, we as scientists know the precise sequence of events that occur to initiate the disease. BUT, even with this knowledge, the 5-year survival rate is an abismal 8% (up from 5% a few years ago thanks in part to PanCAN). This isn't because scientists aren't working hard, we are. There are fundamental challenges that need to be overcome in order to advance the current treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer, and in doing so they will provide essential information to help combat all other major cancers!

I'm participating in this event with my research group at UNC. Our group has an intense effort in advancing treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer. We are doing so by focusing on the main driver of this deadly disease, an enzyme called Ras, which is mutated in a stagering 98% of pancreatic cancers. What's more, this enzyme is often mutated in virtually all other major cancer types, such as colorectal cancer (57%), multiple myeloma (43%), lung cancer (32%), etc. Despite decades of research, we still have an imcomplete picture of how to advance therapies targeting this nuissance. We rely on public support to continue to push the scientific boundaries to combat the deadly disease's we collectively call cancer.

Any and all support is appreciated!

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