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When the Dreher family gathered for Christmas of 2017 my Mom had an announcement. She had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Three and a half years later and she's still here, reminding me of what a pain in the butt I can be. People ask me all the time, "how's your Mom?" and I always tell them: she's still the same Wife, Grammy, Mother, Sister, Friend, Bible Study Leader etc. that she's always been, and I don't think she's changing anytime soon. 

When I started Lydia's Crew in the spring of 2018 I thought it would be a nice way to show my Mom I loved and supported her. I didn't think Lydia's Crew would turn in to one of the top fund raising teams in Kansas City for 3 straight years, and truthfully that she'd be here to see it. It speaks to the importance of Purple Stride and PanCan: the fund raising has given us all more time with Lydia. More time to enjoy her and the many roles that she plays with many different people, and it will give other families more time with their loved ones in the future. 

I'm starting the fund raising later this year than in the past. We've all been busy the past months and the same is true in my household. So, this year's 60 day fund raising campaign is the equivalent of racing to baseball practice in your manual transmission mini-van, already running 6 minutes late, but knowing that you set the clock 10 minutes fast so you've actually got juuuuussst enough time to make it happen! If you feel inclined to help I know my Mom and my family are grateful. Thank you, and #KTF!

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