• Julie, John and Evan 2002

    Julie, John and Evan 2002

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The picture is one of my favorites - taken back when the boys were young and our only concerns were their education and development.  Julie was THE best mom ever.  Her principles and love of life was engrained in John and Evan through years of nurturing.  They turned out pretty good, but they miss their mom - and what a shame that she couldn't see them as they are today!  She would be beaming as she is in this photo. 

If you are looking here, I know that you know that she has been gone from their lives for 9 years- taken by pancreatic cancer- but her spirit and joy for life lives on in them - AND IN ME!  

Please join us in the 10th Annual Purple Stride if you can, and donate here if you can't!  We are determined to memorialize our love for Julie by helping to find a way to detect pancreatic cancer before it is too late.   

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