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The journey continues...

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Purple Stride web page. As  many of you know, 2017 was for me, the best of years and the worst of years.  The best because my 2 beautiful granddaughters were born and the worst because I was hit with a devastating diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. What followed was a whirlwind of doctor visits, CT scans, surgeries, chemo therapy, followed by a close brush with death.


What you may not know is that in January 2020 I got the shattering news that my cancer came back.  I am currently undergoing a 6-month regiment of chemo therapy that will be followed by  5 weeks of radiation therapy, 5 days a week.


In order to raise money to fund research for early detection, better treatments and better outcomes I will be participating in a virtual 5K on June 13th to wage hope for Pancreatic Cancer Patients.


The journey will end when the cure is found. Please join us in the fight today.






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