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Almost two years ago, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. One of the worst things you can hear. My brother said, “it’s basically a death sentence”. And he is right. Pancreatic cancer has a bleak prognosis. It is often discovered in the late stages, it grows and spreads quickly. It ravages other organs, such as the liver and lungs.
My dad survived about 20 months after this diagnosis- longer than the doctor originally predicted for him. In the end, the chemo he was on stopped having an effect on the tumors. His liver started to decline and more chemo drugs were not an option. He opted for a genetic treatment, a pill, that targets the BRCA mutations, though he did not have that specific mutation but another chromosomal deletion (inherited from his mother’s side and linked to the suppression of tumor-controlling mechanisms). It was worth a try, but the last weeks were rough.
The tumor on his liver grew to 9+cm. That. Is. Huge. The rest of the liver was riddled with more tumors. His body slowly failed him and we watched as the best we could offer was pain relief and sleep.
Though 2020 didn’t allow my to travel as I had wanted, in December my husband and I rehashed our finances and started looking for living options. Not being able to be with my family just wasn’t an option. I knew I would need a place to quarantine upon arrival to Florida, to be safe, before visiting my dad. I also knew he couldn’t have the stress two small kids living with him.
January 1st, we hit the road. We drove our brand new camper from TX to FL, as my dad was transferred from home to the hospital to hospice care. I was finally able to see him, in person, and hold his hand (tried for a hug but that was too painful for him) on January 4, 2021. This was after about 13 months of not being able to travel and visit. Thursday, January 7th, I was holding his hand when I looked over and realized his chest wasn’t rising and falling anymore. For just a brief moment, I was the only one who knew that his soul had left his failing body. His lips curled slightly after a time; he was at peace.
He was an amazing man, a true artist. He overcame such hardships in his life and went on to become successful- more successful than many. He is loved and missed immensely.

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