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By: Brandon Caywood

Remembering Aaron Caywood (1960 - 2019)

My dad was (and still is) my hero. He was a talented musician who could play practically any song he felt like learning. He was a history buff and a huge football fan. He was a talented student and an outstanding professional. Above all else, he was a devoted husband, father, and “Papa.” He was my best friend. Unfortunately, his life was cut short. He died on April 4th, 2019, at 58 years old from pancreatic cancer.

There was little to no warning that he would pass so quickly. He only experienced noticeable symptoms of the cancer a month before his death. Despite a 12 to 18 month prognosis, he died three and a half weeks after his initial diagnosis.

His death is the most difficult thing that has ever happened to me. We spoke nearly every day, so getting use to not having him around has been challenging in the last year.

My hope is to raise awareness against this horrible disease. The symptoms of this cancer are relatively silent. Early detection is practically non-existent. More often than not, by the time a pancreatic cancer patient learns they have cancer, it is too late. The five year survival rate of those diagnosed with this disease is only 10%.

April 4th, will mark one year since my dad’s passing to this horrible disease. My family and I plan to walk in Purplestride to remember him. Our hope is to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer and to raise money to fight against this disease. We can’t bring my father back, but we hope we can make a difference for the future fighters of this disease. Will you help me rewrite the future of this disease by making a donation today?

Every dollar that you give ensures that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can continue working to improve outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients.

Please join us on April 4th of this year to walk to end pancreatic cancer.

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