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Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all major cancers, at just 10%. This deadly disease has stolen our best and our brightest, but it can’t take away our determination. 

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My personal story about my father. My dad has no medical conditions, never went to the doctor until we forced him to for a once in a while ear infection he would get. However, he was a smoker since he was 11. One night, my dad endured some horrific pain, abdominal pain, couldn’t keep food or water down, and wanted us to take him to the ER due to his pain. 

In Sept. 2011, we took my dad to the ER (I had never been in an ER room in my life) a day I will never forget..my dad was kept in a room for almost 2-4 hours until they transitioned him to a room in the hospital. During the waiting period, my sisters and I were in the hallway waiting, patiently to hear what’s going on?! This nurse comes by and told us it’s going to a long journey ahead. My mom, sisters and I had to be united and strong. We had no idea what this meant. 

After multiple visits and stays in the hospital. The doctors decided to do a Whipple Procedure.

November 8th, 2011- the doctors decided to conduct the Whipple Procedure..yeah I had looked it up online, and yeah, I was scared. We waited 8.5 hours for him to get out of this surgery. My dads surgeon told us, it was an abdominal tumor and he will be sending go lab to get more results. 

December 2011- my dads surgeon, Dr. Mansour, told us that it was Pancreatic Cancer Stage IIIB. Yeah that’s aggressive and huge and omg..we are screwed! He recommends 4 months of chemo, my dad only could tolerate 2 months. 

June 2012- dad got jaundice. He also had to go in once monthly to drain his stomach from fluid build up due to his bile duct count increase. He did build energy to attend my sisters high school graduation! 

December 2012, we found out since the last scan my dads tumor had grown since June 2012. His surgeon recommends 5.5 weeks of chemo and radiation. Of course he nailed it and completed them successfully March 30, 2012.

April 2nd- my dad was really weak, sluggish, hardly had energy. They recommended Pallative. Dad knee in a way bc he specifically told you if anything happens let it be at home, he just wanted us. 

April 11, 2013-April 30, 2013 my dad was out on hospice at home. He could not get up, move around, eat on his own. It was hard to see all this, however we tried to stay as strong as possible. 

April 30, 2013- my dad passed at home in peace amongst all of his family members and loved ones. 

Please help find a cure for this deadly disease!

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