Racing for Randy





Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Racing for Randy is raising HOPE to help find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer! Randy would always say to me and the girls “Never let anyone or anything steal your JOY”. Words Randy’s family and friends could see him live out on a daily basis. In February 2014, we were all put to the test to see if we could live by Randy’s words. Randy was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic cancer. Our lives were shattered that day and all we could think.....Pancreatic cancer was not in our plan. Randy and I had dreamed of watching our girls grow up into beautiful, smart young women. We had envisioned what life would be like growing old together. We knew our plans were changing, but Randy was determined not to let Pancreatic cancer steal his JOY! Randy never questioned “Why”. He went through many rounds of chemotherapy and clinical trials - nothing helped. The cancer was still growing. Randy continued to live life positive and always found JOY in the day he was given. He decided to join a clinical trial trying to help oncologists find a way to diagnose Pancreatic cancer early. He knew he would not benefit from the research, but he was determined to give other people HOPE! Randy decided in July 2014 to enter into Hospice, but he continued to live life to the fullest, never questioning. We celebrated his 52nd birthday on September 28th and he passed away on October 1st. Looking back, I can honestly say he continued to live by his words and not let anyone or anything steal his JOY, including Pancreatic cancer.
I ask you to consider partnering with Racing for Randy either by joining our team or donating to HONOR Randy’s fight. He brought much JOY and HOPE into other people’s lives; please help us continue Randy’s legacy. Pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease and no one should have to go through something with no HOPE! You never know in the future if someone you love will need HOPE!

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