Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Grief is a mysterious thing. For some, it’s constant – everything you see is a sign, a reminder of what you’ve lost. You look for ways to shut off your mind but you can’t.

For some, it’s waves. A song, the smell of their favorite food, a movie they loved; you feel your heart drop and stomach sink – that heaviness in your chest – when you hear the music, walk into the restaurant, or turn on the TV.

For others, it’s part of them. We learn to live in “the new normal” and we move forward, but there’s a tugging inside yourself during every future event, big decision or life moment you want to share with a person you’ll never see again.

We all have different experiences with grief. But when we lose someone, we’re united by grief itself - the experience of dealing with grief in our personal way.  

That’s why I walk for Purple Stride Chicago. I am still dealing with the grief of losing my dad in 2015 to pancreatic cancer. Waking up from a dream where he says hi, realizing he’s not there. Talking about wedding plans of my friends and I,knowing I won’t have a father-daughter dance at mine. Spending every holiday,birthday, or even just a Saturday morning without him.

I wanted to find a way to keep his name and memory alive – acknowledging and bringing him into my life now as much as I can. I also wanted to do my part to stop this disease, or at least make it so that others have a fighting chance.

The survival rate of pancreatic cancer is 10%. We’ve lost countless innovators, geniuses, and groundbreaking artists from this disease – Aretha Franklin, Steve Jobs, Alan Rickman, Sally Ride, to name a few. If you personally know someone that’s been affected, I’m sure you can relate to my story. 

Since 2016, our team sponsored by JLL has raised over$10,000 toward pancreatic cancer research. To help find stronger treatment for those affected by one of the deadliest cancers that exists.

We're back for Purple Stride 2020. By joining us and taking part in Purple Stride, either by walking, running,or donating, you’re making a difference. You’re contributing to research for a cancer that gets very limited attention in the media and in the world. Most people don’t know about this cancer until they or their families are affected.

Help us spread the word and make a difference. Join our team or donate if you can. Help take a little less grief out of the world.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and for anything you can do toward this cause.

Rachel Cerrone

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