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Wage Hope to end pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is currently the 3rd leading cause of U.S. cancer deaths in men and women, and is expected to climb to the second place spot by 2036.  Of the 57,000 estimated new pancreatic cancer cases in the coming year, only 10,000 patients are expected to live past the 5+ year survival prediction.

Kevin Shields, husband, father, and "Pop-Pop", was diagnosed with terminal stage IV pancreatic cancer in March 2018.  While his treatments were successful at ridding him of cancer in his pancreas and lungs, his liver was not showing positive signs of improvement.  In time, not having normal liver function was effecting how other systems in his body operated, thus causing a gradual deterioration in his quality of life.  Kevin decided in early December 2018 to stop treatment and put the rest in God's hands.  After only nine and half months, Kevin went to be with the Lord for all eternity on Christmas morning.  In almost 2 years since Kevin's passing, we have heard of many other loved ones who have been diagnosed, and unfortunately, lost their fight with pancreatic cancer as well.

We don't want Kevin, Theresa, Melody, Will, Ruth and others to just become another statistic...this "silent killer" needs to be stopped.   In October 2019, our team surpassed our fundraising efforts and raised over $5000 to become a Passion Team. We do not know yet if the 2020 PurpleStride Walk will be held virtually or in person, but what we do know is we will continue our mission to raise pancreatic cancer awareness and funding to further research efforts for a cure.  

Please consider donating to our team or show your support by joining us at this year's PurpleStride walk.  Every dollar you donate ensures the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can continue their efforts to increase pancreatic cancer survival and better outcomes for their patients, caregivers and families.  Find a cure is vital to changing these statistics.

                         We'd like to live to see the day when cancer is cured, for good.

                             The Shields Family and Friends a.k.a. "POP-POP'S CREW"

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