• Yes We XAN-Honoring the Memory of a Beautiful Soul

    Yes We XAN-Honoring the Memory of a Beautiful Soul



Raised: $12,844

Goal: $15,000

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Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know, two years ago, at the PDX PurpleStride walk on September 28, 2019, Xan took the last long physical walk of his life.  I relive that day, and the the hours, days, and weeks following that sunny Saturday daily, and I continue to be in awe of my beautiful son.  On that sunny Saturday, Xan spoke of the numerous craniotomies he had endured in the previous 6 months, he held his son’s hand tightly, and he spoke of hope.  He found the strength and energy to speak at the event about the importance of raising both voices and dollars and walk the entire route.  Xan spoke about the progress that had happened in the 5 years since his diagnosis, from a 5-year survival rate of 5% to 10%, and he spoke of how he benefitted from the Know Your Tumor program.  He told the newly diagnosed that it is a long road and a hard road but it is "walkable.  Don't ever give up hope."  

Xan's condition became more complicated that weekend and Xan died on November 27, 2019.  

I am now living proof that one of the reasons it is so hard to raise money for pancreatic cancer research is because the disease so devastates the families left behind that we don't know where to find the energy to ask our family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to support PanCan.  But I remember Xan's words-that the road is really hard but it is walkable and to keep having hope.  So today, on the eve of that 2 year anniversary, I am relaunching the YES WE XAN team.  Pancreatic cancer survivors cannot have more hope if there is no money for research.  Pancreatic cancer patients cannot have more hope if PanCan cannot offer its patient services. PanCan was by our side since early in Xan's diagnosis.  Xan participated in the Know Your Tumor program, twice; we attended the webinars; we spoke with Patient Resources on numerous occasions.  Perhaps most important is that with the support and resources of PanCan, we did not feel as alone in navigating this disease.  We are profoundly grateful to those we met through PanCan who reached out and visited in Xan's final days.  Xan never gave up and we will never give up.  Your dollars will give other families support, resources and and the hope for more and better treatment options.  

As you know, there was no PurpleStride walk in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic.  However, there will be a massive PurpleStride walk on April 30, 2022.  On that day, survivors, their families, their friends, their health care providers, will gather all around the country, and we will walk in cities from Boston to Portland, raising our voices, raising funds, and raising hope.

Please join the YES WE XAN team and making a generous donation. We hope to see you in person on April 30, 2022, as we walk together in Xan’s memory.Our YES WE XAN team goal is $15,000.

With deep gratitude, Lucy (Xan’s mom)


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The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s (PanCAN) PurpleStride is a year-round national movement that funds life-changing programs and services to accelerate progress for pancreatic cancer patients.

On one powerful day through nearly 60 PurpleStride events nationwide, pancreatic cancer survivors, families, caregivers, researchers and supporters will join together to honor everyone affected by the disease.

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