A Dad and 2 Brothers

A Dad and 2 Brothers


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A Story of a Dad and 2 Brothers

Pancreatic Cancer does not Stop or Slow Down and to hear it 3 times, in one family, is almost unbearable!

  • In 2009 we lost our Dad. It was a life changing event that no one could foresee and changed our family forever! We watched him, and our family, suffer from inoperable Pancreatic Cancer as he fought for almost 2 years.
  • In 2017 my brother was driving home and noticed a Jeep in front of him at a stop light, with a Spare Tire Cover on the back that said "Hang on for the Ride of your Life". 10 minutes later he found himself in a ditch with back injuries. During a scan for broken bones, a Pancreatic Tumor was discovered on the tail of his Pancreas. Dad was watching over him, he underwent surgery to remove the tail and today still has cancer but is smiling everyday and kicking its ass.
  • That same year, I went to my doctor and told him our story. I underwent a scan and a slow growing Neuroendocrine Tumor was discovered at the head of my Pancreas. After 3 years of quarterly scans, in August of 2020 I underwent a Whipple Procedure and remained Cancer Free.
  • Looking back, I was the lucky one. I learned to listen to my body and understood my family history. My brother and I did genetics testing and we learned that we share a Gene called the ATM Gene, known to cause Cancer. Knowing this information will help the next generation of our family better understand and hopefully live a happy and full life. 

We joined PanCan to help make progress, with your support. Our team is participating in PanCAN’s PurpleStride, a year-round national movement that funds life-changing programs and services for pancreatic cancer patients and their families. Every dollar you give means more patients can benefit from PanCAN’s free, one-on-one support, personalized information, service and resources that can make a real difference in their lives. 

We invite you to join our team as a participant, or make a gift of any size to get us one step closer to our fundraising goal and improving more patients’ lives.

Patients and families need us now more than ever.

Thank you for your support,

Tom, Steve and Harley

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The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s (PanCAN) PurpleStride is a year-round national movement that funds life-changing programs and services to accelerate progress for pancreatic cancer patients.

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