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Team Grateful


Raised: $2,325

Goal: $1,000

Welcome to our team fundraising page!

Dear Family & Friends:

It's been a while and I truly hope everyone is well & safe!  That time has arrived again, and I'll be celebrating my 7th anniversary of being cancer free!  Due to the pandemic of 2020 & 2021, the walk/run had been virtual. However, with the variants, the 2022 Pancreatic Cancer walk/run for PurpleStride/New Jersey has been scheduled for Saturday, April 30th as opposed to the past events in November.

Due to the NEW VARIANT and safety concerns, Team Grateful WILL NOT ATTENDthe event on April 30th, but our team will still make a DONATION,if you are able to.

If you are planning to make a donation to a charitable cause, I'm asking you to consider supporting Team Grateful, by donating the participation fee of $25.00 or a $5.00 minimum to the Team because pancreatic cancer does not stop or slow down, not even during a pandemic!

For those that are joining us for the first time here's some info about how it all began:                                                               

February 2015, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, underwent eight hours of surgery on July 10th and a seven-day hospital stay at Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick.  By the grace of God, the surgery was a success, no chemotherapy or radiation were required; I can't begin to explain my humbleness and gratitude to the Creator!  With that being said, my ride or die husband Wajid and I participated in my first PurpleStride/New Jersey 5K run/walk in November 2015. My prayer had been for God to allow me to share my miracle, gratitude, be encouragement, an example or support for someone else and give to this cause which doesn't discriminate against anyone! 

This year my desire is to support Pancreatic Cancer with whatever we can donate in order to provide patients and families with access to resources, services and 1-1 support that can possibly aid in changing their lives.  With all that's being done, the survival rate has increased to 10%, but many are still being diagnosed at Stage 4 by the time the cancer is detected!

Last year Team Grateful raised over $4900! Understanding the hardship of the pandemic, donations are noticeably different, so whatever you can contribute will truly be appreciated!

1. To participate with fundraising you MUST REGISTER with Team Grateful at: or call: 877-272-6226. (calling is easier)

2. On the website type in the team’s name or if calling, state the team’s name (Team Grateful) or credit won't be given to our team or fundraising goal.  

3. When you visit the website, you'll see my name (Barbara Abdur-Razzaq) listed as Team Captain, select the donate now box and you will be directed to the Donate page where you will select amount and type in your fundraising amount. There is a $5.00 minimum required for any donation.           

DONATIONS are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, and many employers offer MATCHING DONATIONS, but this too has changed for so many!

Please feel free to share this invitation with ANYONE you desire; the more the greater the donation, the Team and my gratitude!  

PurpleStride/WAGE HOPE comes under the umbrella of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which was founded in 1999, it is a nationwide network.  

PurpleStride/New Jersey is Saturday, April 30,2022

Hopefully, you can support TEAM GRATEFUL to raise funds, awareness and support for pancreatic cancer!

Thanking you in advance for your support!

Love & Blessings,                                                                




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The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s (PanCAN) PurpleStride is a year-round national movement that funds life-changing programs and services to accelerate progress for pancreatic cancer patients.

On one powerful day through nearly 60 PurpleStride events nationwide, pancreatic cancer survivors, families, caregivers, researchers and supporters will join together to honor everyone affected by the disease.

PurpleStride is the number-one way PanCAN raises money to fight pancreatic cancer on all fronts — through research, clinical initiatives, patient services, advocacy and nationwide volunteer support. Learn more.