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  • Waging HOPE!

    Waging HOPE!

Celebrating David's Life and Legacy

This is the 8-year anniversary of David's Daredevils and we invite all who knew and loved David to join us in this family-friendly day on April 25, 2020. You can walk or run to help raise awareness and resources to help find a cure!

  • The Katz family from North Caldwell learned that Allan has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Fortunately, he was identified early and has an excellent prognosis…and we will #WageHope in his honor...and be so happy to have a SURVIVOR on our Team!
  • Gary Stanton and his family will join us to #WageHope in loving memory of Pat Stanton.
  • Our friend Elisa and her children continue to be part of their team, as they honor the memory of Michael, an amazing husband and father.

For me personally, the expanding circle of friends in this "club that no one wants to be in" MUST motivate us to do more, push harder and go the extra mile to raise money and increase awareness of pancreatic cancer! If you can’t join us in person, please donate to someone who is participating…or sign up as a “virtual strider” and commit to sending a fundraising email to your friends and colleagues. Better yet, invite a friend to join us for the event. The more the merrier as we raise awareness and valuable funding to help find a CURE! David’s Daredevils plans to again be one of the top teams for the NYC event this year! Please run, walk, donate, be a virtual supporter, or just ride the bus with us. We promise it will be a great day of remembrance and celebration of our sweet David, our beloved Pat and Michael...and in celebration of our SURVIVOR Allan!!

With love and appreciation, Jann, Hannah, and William

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