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I am a rare survivor.  I was diagnosed in October of 2013.  My prognosis was not great.  Five year survival rates were six percent at the time, today they are three percent higher at nine percent.  My oldest grandson graduated from high school this spring.  I was with him on graduation because I beat the odds.  Some would say, it is “a miracle”.   I am healthy, proud to be here, and everyday grateful for the prayers, support, and good healthcare I received. 

Each year I have asked for your support because Pancreatic Cancer is an aggressive cancer. There is still much to be done.  Pancreatic Cancer has the reputation of being one of the toughest cancers.  Last year it was the 3rd leading cause of cancer related deaths and is projected to become the 2nd leading cause of cancer related deaths in 2020.  I am writing this in December 2019, 2020 is next month!  We need more investment in research to increase survival.  We need a screening tests for this cancer, one doesn’t exist today. 

Every small thing we do counts. I honor those who have lost the battle by walking in

PurpleStride Phoenix April 4, 2020.    

I can say I had Pancreatic Cancer.  I want others to be able to say the words “I had pancreatic cancer.”  

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