Family and Friends Team Tools & Resources

Whether you’re leading a team make up of friends and family or a company team, Team Captains like you are the force behind PurpleStride. Forming a team for PurpleStride can not only made the PurpleStride experience more enjoyable, but also amplify your fundraising efforts.

We created these tools and resources to help your team reach (and exceed) your goals.

We suggest each teammate starts with a fundraising goal of $200. Registered Striders who raise or self-donate $50 or more will receive an official PanCAN PurpleStride 2025 T-shirt. Registered Striders who raise $1,000 or more will earn exclusive PanCAN PurpleStride Grand Club 2025 gear. And we recognize top fundraisers and teams on event day! Learn more about individual and team incentives.

For steps for how to create your PurpleStride team, bring back your team from last year, or change your registration from an individual to a Team Captain, please visit our FAQ page.


Registering for PurpleStride will give you access to the PurpleStride Dashboard. It will also create your personal fundraising page and your team fundraising page. Your PurpleStride Dashboard allows you to track progress towards your personal and team fundraising goals; send pre-written fundraising, team building, team coaching, and thank-you messages; and connect to Facebook Fundraiser.*

You can also download the PurpleStride app. It's is another great way to personalize and send pre-written messages through email, text, and social media.

Want more individual fundraising resources? Learn more in our Fundraising Tools & Resources page!


Ready to build and coach your team? Use your PurpleStride Dashboard or the PurpleStride app to take a few easy steps:

  • Set your team fundraising goal. We recommend a minimum goal of $200 per team member but encourage you to reach for the stars! Visit the Incentives & Deadlines page to learn how we recognize top teams!
  • Customize your team page with a photo and your story. Telling people why you started your team and why you’re taking steps against pancreatic cancer at PanCAN PurpleStride will make them more motivated to support you.
  • Ask your family, friends, coworkers and others to join your team. Make fundraising for PanCAN PurpleStride easy by recruiting at least 11 of your family and friends to join you. The more teammates you have, the faster you’ll hit your team’s fundraising goal and the more fun you’ll have on event day!
  • Use and share our fundraising tools. As the Team Captain, you have the power to encourage the whole team to fundraise – and lead by example!
  • Encourage your teammates to become Grand Club members. Striders who raise $1,000 or more become part of the PanCAN PurpleStride Grand Club and receive an exclusive gift! On average, teams with Grand Club members raise 10x more than teams without a Grand Club member.

Looking for more information and ideas for Team Captains? Learn more in our Team Captain Guide!


As your team grows, make sure you are coaching and inspiring them! Send messages through your PurpleStride Dashboard or the PurpleStride app to encourage your teammates to:

  • Set their goal
  • Update their personal page
  • Connect to Facebook Fundraiser*
  • Download the PurpleStride app
  • Make a self-donation
  • Send fundraising messages
  • Aim for Grand Club
  • Help you become a Passion or Elite Team
  • …and more!


Turn your passion into progress for pancreatic cancer patients by planning a fundraising event in your community, doing something you already enjoy!

Love to bake? Host a bake sale! Love to eat out? Partner with a local restaurant! If you need ideas or tips on how to plan a fundraising event, we’ve got you covered with this resource. The possibilities are endless!


Did you know that thousands of companies match donations made by their employees to organizations like PanCAN? Your donors may be able to double – or even triple! – the impact of their gift just by completing a matching gift form. Learn more about Matching Gifts.


Make sure to thank your team members and your donors for their support. You can give shout-outs anytime using your PurpleStride Dashboard or the PurpleStride app.


Before event day, remind team members to mail in or make any online donations to hit their personal goal or achieve Grand Club status, and check to see if your team has qualified for special fundraising benefits. Check our Incentives and Deadlines page for full details.

One of the best things about event day is seeing the sea of purple! Encourage your team to show their purple spirit with wigs, glasses, shoes, etc. Make sure everyone is snapping pictures of themselves and sharing on social media using #PanCANPurpleStride.

* While donations made to your Facebook Fundraiser will appear on Facebook in real time, they may take 72 hours or longer to appear on your PurpleStride Personal Fundraising page due to the way Facebook processes gifts.