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The PC Whoopass Brigade


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1/20/2022 -- this guy would have been 57. 

It is absolutely mind-blowing to think it has been almost 12 years, TWELVE, since pancreatic cancer took this love from our lives. So much we have had to do without him.. so many moments that he would have treasured. Ha.. well..Addi..He would have been more over the moon in love with her than I am. I have no doubt that they would have been two peas in a pod and the Grandpa hat would have fit him perfectly. Lianna is now in her final semester of divinity school. She has married, traveled, became a pup mom..Em finished her masters in autism, became a mom and now ha..a dance mom..Just so many moments. 

When Javier was diagnosed, the survival rate was barely 5%. After we lost him and we could get up on our feet again, we became advocates for pancreatic cancer research funding. Recently the American Cancer Society announced  the survival rate is now at 11%. It is still horrifically abysmal. But..and this is a big giant but..that increase translates to over 600 more lives still here to celebrate moments compared to 2 years ago. That is a win. And it is not a win of chance. I always knew that a cure for pancreatic cancer was not going to fall from the sky. It is going to happen in a lab. Covid has, if nothing else, educated most of us on what can happen in a lab if and when the goal of cure is globally treated with urgency and funding, seriously robust funding. Imagine what treatments, diagnostics, hope there could be if we light that type of fire under pancreatic cancer research. we go. Today, we are going to honor him in the way we know best. We are going to continue to demand better for new pancreatic cancer families. I chose to fight this fight with because they not only support families and patients, but they are also relentless in their fight for research funding. 

Join us. WageHope with us. 
xo friends.. and thank you. 

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