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Raised: $93,183.00 Goal: $90,000.00

Thank you, PurpleStride Alabama 2021 participants, for supporting pancreatic cancer patients and families in your own way!

We are grateful for your flexibility, tenacity and commitment to continuing to fight for patients and against this tough disease. During this time of uncertainty, one thing is certain: patients can 100% count on PanCAN’s Patient Services being there for them.

Please keep fundraising — it’s the only way we can give patients and families FREE access to PanCAN’s Patient Services that can improve their lives. You also still have time to become a Grand Club member — here are tips for getting there.

Connect with your local affiliate’s Facebook group, where you can share your fundraising ideas, meet other supporters and learn about events in your area. You can also find photos from your area’s PurpleStride Selfie Station!

Please visit pancan.org to see the latest news on the fight against pancreatic cancer and purplestride.org for other events near you.


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